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Certificate Authorities Say Goodbye to 2-Year SSL ...

As of September 1st, 2-year certificates have been replaced by multi-year SSL Certificate plans. The only certificates that will be trusted by major browsers will be those with a validity period of 397 days or less. Why 397 days? That's

Joomla Hosting: One of the Top Web Hosting Solutio...

Looking for the best website hosting plan is important if you’re a business person. Why? A web host is responsible for making your website available and accessible online. Without a web hosting, your website can’t be accessed on the web.

Is WordPress Hosting Totally Free? Facts Revealed ...

Have you heard the idea that WordPress web hosting is free? Maybe this is one of the aspects that confuse your mind. Whether free or not, generally speaking, a website that uses WP CMS and hosting can be a better

Why Shift to Cloud Hosting?

If you are looking for a more secure, more scalable, and faster web hosting, then you should try cloud hosting. Your demand for a flexible and transparent hosting system can be met through this type of website hosting. Definitely, it

Why Offshore Hosting Is Considered the Best?

Have you already heard about offshore web hosting? Generally speaking, hosting a website through an offshore service provider implies dependencies reduction and tax-saving business policy. These are two purported benefits of availing of this hosting option. So, if you’re looking

Offshore hosting
Why Is There No Free Offshore Hosting?

A website needs a hosting in a server because it does not exist being alone. For this reason, all business websites should get a web hosting that is either free or paid. Yes, there are free hosting packages, but there

Best WordPress Hosting
Want to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting? Read Th...

The role of a web hosting service provider for your website is crucial. That is why choosing the best is important. You have to sift and weigh things. You have to understand each detail of the factors. Why? Because choosing

web hosting
Unveiling the Difference between Web Hosting and D...

A website consists of two main aspects: website hosting and domain name. Are these two similar from each other? Or, are they different? This blog post will try to give you a detailed explanation about the two. It is important

Joomla hosting
Must Read: Why Choose the Best Joomla Hosting

Are you interested in using Joomla web hosting for your website? If yes, then you’re on the right page today. Explained here are some important details why Joomla website hosting is the best option that you can try. If you’re

Magento hosting
Magento Hosting: Advantages and Disadvantages Reve...

Magento is one of the top-notch platforms for e-commerce websites. Numerous businesses have enjoyed its helpfulness, usefulness and benefits. In fact, BuiltWith mentioned in one study that there was an increase of 48,000 websites that used Magento hosting in 2016

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