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Comprehensive, Fully Managed and Affordable Infrastructure Solutions for Casino-type games, Betting, Betting exchanges, Gaming platforms, Online casino, Casino-style games and Lotteries.

How We Stand Out

NetShop ISP has been involved in the iGaming sector for over 10 years with premium industry customers in Cyprus, Malta and United Kingdom.

We specialize in enterprise hosting services & IT Solutions for those businesses that are in a startup process to join the iGaming industry or even for those that are ready to go to the next level.

Our team of experienced Windows and Linux engineers combined with the skills of our Certified Network Administrators allows you to focus on the core business and let the IT Infrastructure part in safe hands.

Overview of our iGaming Services

Online Gaming Hosting Experts

Enterprise Hosting & Colocation

IT Infrastructure Design

Technical Documentation

System Audit

Payment Flexibility for Startups

iGaming Services

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