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Never lose GSuite data with NetShop’s worry-free backup solution

Never lose GSuite data with NetShop’s worry-free backup solution

Never lose G Suite data and ensure quick recovery with a worry-free, cloud-to-cloud solution.

Since Google does not take responsibility for protecting customer G Suite data from loss – as in the case of accidental or intentional data deletion, malicious actions, or ransomware – a separate backup and recovery solution is needed. With cloud-to-cloud G Suite data backup with Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud, you can recover certain items quickly and reliably and eliminate complexity related to setting up and maintaining the solution.


Google has a great reputation for keeping G Suite systems up and available for customers. But like many SaaS solutions, it does not take responsibility for keeping customer data safe – it does not offer true backup and recovery functionalities.

There are many reasons why companies lose their G Suite data. The top reasons include:

• Accidental data deletion
• Malicious actions
• Malware and ransomware.

So while Google ensures infrastructure resilience, data protection remains the customer’s responsibility. This means businesses require a backup solution to avoid downtime and unrecoverable data loss.

By signing up with any of NetShop ISP’s Cloud Backup Plans ( you benefit from the following features:

  • Protection for Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Contacts
  • Reliable point-in-time recovery of single items and entire Drive or Gmail data
  • Quick Recovery of needed items with GSuite Backups full-text search
  • Authenticity Verification of files in Drive backups with blockchain
  • Backup Health monitoring and reporting of your GSuite Backup Operations

Learn more about our various Cloud Backup Plans starting from €7.5/month at or drop us an email to speak with a Cloud Backup Specialist.

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