Enable Remote Collaboration - FREE 30 DAYSOrder Work@Home Bundle
Enable Remote Collaboration - FREE 30 DAYSOrder Work@Home Bundle
Certificate Authorities Say Goodbye to 2-Year SSL ...

As of September 1st, 2-year certificates have been replaced by multi-year SSL Certificate plans. The only certificates that will be trusted by major browsers will be those with a validity period of 397 days or less. Why 397 days? That's

Scanning for Malware without affecting your Machin...

Malware infects backups quite often. Some companies can scan backups in a centralized location but it takes a lot of time to perform consecutive regular scans. Active malware can also infect unpatched disk images all over again. Daily or even

Never lose GSuite data with NetShop’s worry-...

Never lose G Suite data and ensure quick recovery with a worry-free, cloud-to-cloud solution. Since Google does not take responsibility for protecting customer G Suite data from loss – as in the case of accidental or intentional data deletion, malicious

Cyber security
Cyber Security: Protection and Marketing Advantage

A lot of small businesses are not convinced that they should be investing on cyber security. For one, information technology security is not cheap. It is a complex technology that needs highly skilled and intelligent individuals to function. That cannot

cyber security
How Important Is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is quite important nowadays because the threats related to cyber-attacks are escalating and have become a global concern. Businesses should protect their transactional integrity and credibility. That is why finding the right partner for cyber security is needed. Storing

Security—Most Important Quality of a Data Center

Data centers prioritize security about all else when they launch. It is the most important investment for entrepreneurs who want to start a data center to cater to the millions of data that need to be stored in a safe

Cyber security
How to Establish a Strong Cyber Security for Small...

If you operate a small-scale business, you might think that you don’t need cyber security measures. But you’re wrong. Cyber criminals are not selective. They attack whom they want to attack. They always test vulnerabilities among the different business entities

Cyber security
Understanding Why Cyber Security Is Important

The importance of cyber security is a high priority these days. Before, it was a thing mainly for those tech-related guys. But today, it’s a concern of everyone on this planet. Business people and different individuals have to take this

cyber security
How To Avoid Cyber Security Threats

In the UK alone, there is a survey conducted among SMEs that shows that 51% do not believe that they are susceptible to suffering from cyber-attacks. The result of the survey is alarming because cybercrimes can devastate businesses of any

Cyber Security
What Are The Top Cyber Security Threats In 2020?

Data-related services should be smooth and uncrippled; otherwise, they can cause major business losses costing millions of dollars. Knowing the top cyber security threats, therefore, is very important. It can help the different business industries understand the essence of cyber

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