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Media Streaming Server Hosting

Leading Media Streaming Hosting solutions delivered via a purpose-built Satellite Colocation infrastructure.

High Quality Media Streaming Servers

Simple solutions for complex media streaming

Streaming Expertise

Streaming Expertise

Whatever your needs, our highly trained and experienced team offer the most sophisticated solutions to deliver flawless, high quality streaming services to a global audience.

24/7 On-site Technical Support

24/7 On-site Technical Support

No question is too small for our on-site specialists. We provide rapid, personalized support through multiple contact channels – any time of the day.

Up to 10 Gbps Network Speed

Up to 10 Gbps Network Speed

Whether you’re streaming audio or video, buffering is simply not an option. Our network capacity delivers your content with incredibly fast, uncompromised speeds for an optimal user experience.

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Purpose-built Data Center Facilities

How We Can Help Your Media Streaming Project

Satellites Access of your Choice

Satellites Access of your Choice

Media and video streaming requires reliable connectivity and the fastest of speeds. We make extending your reach, sharing and delivering content easier with access to satellites of your choice, for unmatched range, dependable distribution and impeccable quality.

IPTV Experts

IPTV Experts

It’s clear to us that IPTV is the future of television so just consider us your streaming dream team. Whatever format and content you’re looking to stream, our team of specialists have the solution to meet your subscriber’s expectations.

24x7x365 On-site Engineers

24x7x365 On-site Engineers

Your streaming content needs to be readily accessible, all of the time. We have a team of Engineers on site operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can expect an immediate response from experts with physical access to server hardware.

Media Streaming as a Service

Media Streaming as a Service

We have reliable infrastructure in place to help you build a successful streaming service and reach a wide audience. Deploy a server with NetShop and deliver your media content with flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions to create a strong subscriber base.

Центры расположены в разных странах мира

Центры расположены в разных странах мира

Our global network of data centres situated in a variety of locations have the capacity to enhance the delivery of high quality streaming content anywhere in the world. We have infrastructure strategically located to meet the demands of any streaming project.

High Bandwidth Options

High Bandwidth Options

With media streaming consuming an incredibly high amount of bandwidth, we’ve designed our network to meet demand with easily scalable servers. We operate a high bandwidth network capable of video on demand, live streaming and more, with minimal media buffering.

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Media Streaming Use Cases

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live streaming requires a highly reliable infrastructure that can accommodate growth and rapid spikes in viewers, without compromising speeds and quality. We offer content providers sophisticated solutions and high capacity servers to reach their audience uninterrupted, in real time. Our highly scalable servers provide our customers ultra-low latency for real-time streaming, with access to a global CDN to deliver high quality live streams to worldwide viewers.

Video on Demand

Video on Demand

Consumers expect high quality on-demand content no matter where they are or what device they’re using, for undisrupted binge watching. Our global network of data centres are equipped with high quality VoD servers and high port speeds so users can watch your content without delays or buffering, every time. We offer our customers tailor-made Video on Demand solutions to meet any requirement, at their chosen location, so that they can deliver superfast video content to a global audience, on demand.



The demand for media streaming has subsequently increased the need for transcoding and we have powerful infrastructure in place to handle intensive transcoding requirements. We provide our customers with the necessary hardware resources to deliver adaptive streaming to their users, like superfast CPUs and SSDs. Widen your reach and allow end users to easily switch between versions of your video streams, so your audience stays connected regardless of their connection and device capabilities.

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Media Streaming Hosting FAQs

24x7 Support Coverage

Our Technical support team is working around-the-clock so you are never left high and dry.


Technical Support provided on a 24/7 basis to cover businesses in any part of the world and any timezone.

Proactive Monitoring

All of your services are included in our Network & Systems Monitoring software so we can observe any anomalies and proceed with fixing a problem before even you are aware it has happened.

Phone, Live Chat or Ticket

With multiple communication channels available we make it easy for you to get support whenever you need it.


Our Staff are experienced and hold a range of certificates, including Microsoft, Cisco CCNA, RedHat, cPanel, Acronis, and more.

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