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Special Offer Terms & Conditions

On this page you will find the additional terms and conditions that apply to special offers and promotions as they occur from time to time. These terms apply in conjunction to our regular terms and conditions.

Work@Home Flexi Bundle Terms

These terms shall apply to the “Work@Home Flexi Bundle” Offer (hereinafter mentioned as “Bundle”) made available on Tuesday, 31st of March 2020 in addition to our standard terms and conditions.

  • There is no cash alternative to any of the promotional items provided with this offer.
  • The products/services included in the Bundle cannot be replaced with other products/services offered by NetShop ISP.
  • Clients may cancel their Bundle subscription at any time, during the first 30 days, without prior notice or penalty fees.
  • The offer is open to everyone; new customers and existing customers with an Active myNetShop account.
  • The Bundle consists of 4 product/services as advertised at web page.
  • Signing up for the offer is totally free and does not require Credit/Debit card details or any other payment method subscription.
  • The free period is equal to 30 calendar days.
  • Customers are allowed to continue using their services/products from the Bundle after the 30 days upon renewal payment.
  • Three billing cycles are offered for the Renewal option: Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual.
  • The client is alowed to upgrade the Bundle products during and/or after the 30 Days Free period, upon a fee.
  • The hosting location of the services is chosen by the Client during initial Order. The location can only be changed after the end of the 30 days free period, upon a fee.

Vendor additional terms

3CX License

  • A 3CX license key will be provided to the Client, without additional costs.
  • Additional costs apply in case of an upgrade and/or changes of the License’s type and/or features.