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NetShop ISP - Dedicated Servers, VPS, Data Center & Hosting
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Deploy Servers with NetShop ISP, a multi-Awarded Data Center Provider

Deploy Cloud VPS and Bare-metal Servers in our global, carrier-neutral data centers. Benefit from high speed connectivity, ultra low latency hosting, cloud scalability and organizational flexibility whenever you need it.

Выделенные Серверы

Выделенные Серверы

Accelerate applications performance with hosting on Bare-metal Servers

Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS

Leverage Cloud and virtualization technologies with Scalable VPS Servers



Maintain full control of your hardware in state-of-the-art Colocation facilities

Веб хостинг

Веб хостинг

Launch your website in a really fast cloud hosting environment

Customer Reviews

Here's what customers say about NetShop ISP on  

Danijel Kotur

Dec 19, 2022

NetShop can be trusted 300% in all matters

NetShop really came thru for us in the sense when we made a bad back up and thought we lost all data Netshop had everything even if we haven’t been active whit them for a couple of months. NetShop can be trusted 300% in all matters. Highly recommend.

Paul Hayes

Dec 20, 2022

Perfect VPS for cTrader

I would recommend this VPS company to anyone who uses the cTrader trading platform, they have an excellent range of options, and very competitive pricing and the servers are perfect for algorithmic trading.


Nov 20, 2022

Simple. NetShop ISP just does what they say/advert.

Jonathan and his colleagues whenever I had any problem or needed a simple advice always there 24/7 as NetShop ISP promotes this service. So thank you guys and keep up the great work all of you..

Our Global Network Infrastructure

Get access to the world’s best Data Centers for Cloud hosting, Dedicated Servers, Private Racks and Web Hosting services. NetShop ISP infrastructure spans across Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States with 15 Data Centers and global connectivity carriers.

Cloud Servers

Выделенные Серверы


Global Private Network


Hosting in Cyprus


NSCY01 - Strovolos

NSCY02 - Nicosia

NSCY03 - Paphos

NSCY04 - Nicosia

Hosting in Malta


NSMT01 - Qormi

NSMT02 - SmartCity

NSMT03 - Madliena

Hosting in United Kingdom


NSUK02 - Maidenhead

NSUK03 - Nottingham

NSUK04 - Gosport

NSUK05 - London

Hosting USA

United States

NSUS01 - Los Angeles

WAS01 - Washington, D.C.

Hosting in The Netherlands

The Netherlands

NSAMS03 - Amsterdam

Hosting in Singapore


NSSIN01 - Singapore

Hosting in Hong Kong


NSHK01 - Hong Kong

Free Migration

Free Migration

We have helped thousands of organizations and individuals to migrate websites, databases and emails. When things get challenging with incompatible software versions, just ring us!

Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

Without compensating the quality of our hosting services, we guarantee that no one can beat us in pricing too. Contact NetShop ISP Sales team with evidence and we will match any* competitor's price.

ISO9001 Certified

ISO9001 Certified

As an ISO9001 Certified Company, we operate to the highest possible standards, assuring that our customer’s expectations are always met.

Best 24/7 Technical Support

Best 24/7 Technical Support

We operate a Live Helpdesk backed by a strong team of hosting specialists ready to assist you. Available via Live Chat, Phone, E-mail and Skype; without any bots or automated replies.

Rewarding Affiliate Program

Rewarding Affiliate Program

NetShop ISP offers one of the most attractive and rewarding affiliate programs in the hosting industry. Get paid by Referring customers to us or receive large discounts for Reselling web hosting and servers.

Custom Hosting Solutions for B2B

Custom Hosting Solutions for B2B

We understand the bespoke requirements an organization like yours may demand. We offer tailor-made solutions for all our hosting services, Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Intuitive, Self-service portal

Manage your website, emails and servers without hassle via the myNetShop portal

Integrated Products

Cloud VPS • Bare-metal Servers • cPanel Hosting • DNS Hosting • Bare-metal Servers • Cloud Backup • Domain Names

Real-time Usage Statistics

Monitor Resource consumption and Bandwidth of Cloud and Bare-metal Servers in real-time

Rest API

Integrate our hosting products & services using our Free REST API. Available for PHP, Bash and Python. Read more here.

myNetShop portal dashboard

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Создана в 2004 году, Ларнака – Кипр

О нас

Юридический адрес: 2A, Марафонос, Ливадия, 7060, Кипр

Основной офис: Фанеромени Авеню, 120, Башня Империал, этаж 2, Ларнака, 6031, Кипр

Компания Рег.: HE 217340
Номер НДС в ЕС: CY10217340J
ISO 9001:2015: No. QS.21.038

Международный телефон: +357 2425 0808