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iFX EXPO International

iFX EXPO International

4-6 октября 2021 года

Отель Parklane | Лимассол, Кипр

Представляем наши инфраструктурные решения

на крупнейшей мировой B2B Конференции Fintech



iFX EXPO International пройдёт 5 и 6 октября 2021 года.



Мероприятие пройдёт в Лимассоле в роскошном курортном отеле Parklane

Кто посетит это мероприятие?

Кто посетит это мероприятие?

Возможность встретиться с брокерами Forex, провайдерами ликвидности, банками и провайдерами инфраструктурных и хостинговых решений.

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iFX EXPO International: 4-6 октября 2021 года

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Stefano Sordini

Chief Executive Officer


Stefano Sordini

Lorenzo Sordini


Lorenzo Sordini

Katerina Burtsava

Руководитель отдела продаж

Katerina Burtsava

Kateryna Nechaieva

Специалист по продуктам iGaming

Kateryna Nechaieva

Our Products for the Forex Industry

Choose among a wide-range of cloud & infrastructure services

Trading Platforms Hosting

Trading Platforms Hosting

Ensure reliable, fast and secure hosting for your

MT4, MT5



trading platforms with our bare-metal dedicated servers. If you are a startup forex broker then go with a Premium SLA and we will take care everything, from installation to on-going monitoring & maintenance.

Premium Bandwidth & Connectivity

Premium Bandwidth & Connectivity

Our network is comprised of high quality network hardware for high-speed, stable connectivity. We prioritize low latency with our strategically designed network infrastructure, utilizing multiple network carriers that can handle high traffic demands.

Multi-purpose Dedicated Servers

Multi-purpose Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated servers are popular for hosting Databases, Affiliate & IB systems, and Forex CRM portals which require dedicated hardware resources for best performance.

Forex VPS with API

Forex VPS with API

Get started with our world-class, low-latency Forex VPS service that is available in our global infrastructure. Integrate seamlessly with our API in order to offer a whitelabel Forex VPS service to your traders.

Private Cloud & VPS Servers

Private Cloud & VPS Servers

Virtualization is a key component in any Forex broker’s infrastructure. With our Private Cloud solution and VPS Servers you can deploy cloud instances with minimum specs and scale as your traffic & needs grow.

DDoS Protection Service

DDoS Protection Service

Forex brokers and service providers in the Financial industry are the most vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Our DDoS Mitigation service will protect your online business from potential cyber attacks and minimize the downtime caused by a Denial of service attack.

24x7 Support Coverage

Our Technical support team is working around-the-clock so you are never left high and dry.


Technical Support provided on a 24/7 basis to cover businesses in any part of the world and any timezone.

Proactive Monitoring

All of your services are included in our Network & Systems Monitoring software so we can observe any anomalies and proceed with fixing a problem before even you are aware it has happened.

Phone, Live Chat or Ticket

With multiple communication channels available we make it easy for you to get support whenever you need it.


Our Staff are experienced and hold a range of certificates, including Microsoft, Cisco CCNA, RedHat, cPanel, Acronis, and more.

Our Partners & Accreditations

Microsoft Partner
Citrix Partner
VMware Partner
Zimbra Partner
Acronis Partner
ESET Partner


Выделенные Серверы Bare Metal

Виртуальные серверы (VPS / VDS)

Стойко-место и Colocation Хостинг

Быстрый веб-хостинг

Облачное резервное копирование

Премиум DNS Хостинг


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Отмечен наградами Хостинг-провайдер с Ориентированный на клиента подход к бизнесу и Предпочтение в использовании открытого исходного кода относительно решений и разработки продуктов.

Создана в 2004 году, Ларнака – Кипр

О нас

Юридический адрес: 2A, Марафонос, Ливадия, 7060, Кипр

Основной офис: Фанеромени Авеню, 120, Башня Империал, этаж 2, Ларнака, 6031, Кипр

Компания Рег.: HE 217340
Номер НДС в ЕС: CY10217340J
ISO 9001:2015: No. QS.21.038

Международный телефон: +357 2425 0808


Load Balancing

IT As a Service



Migration Services


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