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Why Move to the Cloud? 5 Benefits of Clo...

Why Move to the Cloud? 5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Why Move to the Cloud? 5 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Published on Sat Apr 25 2020

Perhaps, you’ve already heard about cloud-based hosting. But if you’re just new in the website industry, you might not be aware of it. There can be a lot of questions lingering on your mind as to the realities behind website development and launching. One of the most important things that you should consider when it comes to website creation is finding the right hosting. There are two general options: a free web hosting and a paid one. 

It is a daunting task to choose the right web host for your website. Yes, it’s really not that easy. But you can seek for guidance and you can read references that you can use as basis in coming up with a sound decision. It is hard to decide but there is always a guiding light to be found online. One of the highly suggested web hosts is based on the clouds. And it is called as cloud hosting

What Is Cloud Hosting?

To understand it deeply is important. You should not jump into a conclusion of tapping a cloud host right away without understanding all the aspects associated with it. 

If you’re using a shared web hosting, maybe you’re happy with its benefits. But there are limitations with a shared web hosting package, particularly on the disk space aspect. You’re not free to process unlimited data on your site with a shared web host. That’s why this type of hosting is only recommended for beginners. Despite the fact that it is affordable, the limitations can affect your business. If you want to maximize the full potential of your website, then you can switch to the clouds.

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that is based on a cloud-based architecture. With this form of web hosting, the benefits are extracted from the positive impacts of the cloud and shared hosting. First, clouding on the aspect of web hosting is focusing on redundant storage, virtualization, and resource scaling. Second, shared hosting offers simplicity.

With cloud-based website hosting, there can be an option to increase resources in relation to RAM and CPU. There are needed requirements that you have to meet in order to increase the website traffic. When there is a hardware failure, the host would just spin the server causing a positive impact on the downtime. Therefore, there can be no loss of any data whatsoever. It is so due to redundant storage architecture.

Is Cloud Hosting Beneficial?

Of course, for the sake of clarifying a relevant argument, it can be surmised that using cloud-based web hosting is truly beneficial for website users. There are bases why this hosting type is quite good.

  1. Scalability

This is the first benefit of this hosting type. It is scalable which means it is easy to upgrade both RAM and CPU. The traffic of your website can easily be analyzed as it increases periodically.

  1. Performance

With this hosting, a website performance is guaranteed. Loading web applications is smooth as they are distributed evenly. The network and server work positively in this regard. Unlike a shared hosting, clouds do not depend on one particular physical server. Conclusively, its performance is better.

  1. Secure Hosting

All data are secure with cloud website hosting. There is what we call as “data mirroring” that is functional on this type of hosting. Data mirroring secures all website data. It is hassle-free because you will not be losing data during downtimes as there is a system that works smoothly for backup and recovery purposes.

  1. Affordability

Unlike other forms of hosting, like a dedicated hosting, cloud hosting is never expensive. Maybe you would think that it is expensive due to its features. But it’s not! It has an economical pricing scheme, to say the least. There are also cases when you are only required to pay for the disk space and resources you use and there are no extra charges. 

  1. Stability and Speed

This type of web hosting is credible and reliable on the aspect of stability. You are assured that all data are ultimately secured. It is further easy to recover lost data when the server fails. Because of its low density factor, a website that is cloud-based has a speedier performance. It has varnish that simulates websites for the purpose of sustaining the traffic volume. Loading pages can be so fast.

If you have questions regarding cloud website hosting, you can contact Netshop ISP today.

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