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15% POC gambling tax introduced by Austr...

15% POC gambling tax introduced by Australian Capital Territory

Published on June 06, 2018

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government has reported another 15% purpose of consumption (POC) tax on gambling operators .

The text will apply to net betting income created by organizations through wagers set in the ACT, and additionally bets made by inhabitants in the domain.

The move takes after a comparable approach by different regions, for example, South Australia, which has set wagering activities assess at 15% for horse racing, sports betting and non-sport events.

As indicated by spending papers got by the Canberra Times daily paper, ACT hopes to create an extra €1.3m a year through the new assessment rate.

“The introduction of this tax will bring the ACT into line with multiple other Australian jurisdictions which are also in the process of implementing point of consumption tax arrangements,” is reported.

Queensland and Western Australia are likewise due to present 15% duty rates, however Victoria a month ago reported plans for another rate of only 8% for web based wagering offices.