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Apple’s new IOS 10 update enables Bitcoi...

Apple’s new IOS 10 update enables Bitcoin payments

Published on September 09, 2016

Tech giant Apple announced the changes in its iMessage design, enabling developers to bring third-party applications to the platform. The beta version of iMessage application presents music and GIF sharing applications added to the texting service. Moreover, upcoming iOS 10 update is allowing integration of blockchain based payment applications.

One of the third party apps in iPhone 7 is Circle, the peer-to-peer payments technology company utilizing Bitcoin and traditional fiat currencies. Adding payments to iMessage reduces “the friction” for consumers says Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire.

Allaire commented to South China Morning Post: “There’s a hurdle to have to install a smartphone app so that I can pay my buddy and all the inputting and set up. To do it all within the iMessages app is a lot easier.”

The iOS 10 update is still in beta version. It will be available for download from September 13, 2016. The devices eligible for update includes mobile phone models upwards of iPhone 5, iPod Touch 6th gen, iPad mini 2 and higher, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air(s), and iPad Pro(s).

Apple has a history of resisting the inclusion of digital currency-based applications on its App Store. Recently, the company asked Jaxx Blockchain Wallet to remove Dash support on its iOS application, as well as blocked several bitcoin applications from its App Store. However, they were reinstated on a later date.