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Australia is planning to ban “free bets”...

Australia is planning to ban “free bets” advertising

Published on December 21, 2016

A push to ban advertisements promoting “free” and “bonus” bets to online gamblers in Australia is backed by a newly formed body representing giant betting agencies.

Responsible Wagering Australia was launched only a few weeks ago. The main goal of the association is to promote stronger regulation in the industry. The group that was founded by online companies like Unibet, Bet365, Betfair, CrownBet, Sportsbet wants a code of conduct installed. That should include responsible gambling and protocols of harm-minimisation. The group was formed to support initiatives of government in order to reduce the potential “adverse influence” of gambling.

The group is wasting no time and has already proposed actions to end so called “free bets” at online gambling sites.

At the moment every other state in Australia has its own regulation towards the issue of inducement advertising, however RWA proposes to approach it nationally.

RWA executive director Stephen Conroy told the The Sunday Mail:

“A national ban is in the long-term interests of consumers, operators and regulators, and would further strengthen harm-minimization efforts in the sector.”

“A ban that applies right across Australia is the only way to ensure that an appropriate level of consumer protection is offered, regardless of where an individual lives” Conroy added.