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Australia plans to tighten gambling ad b...

Australia plans to tighten gambling ad ban

Published on February 10, 2017

Australia’s broadcasters have expressed their discontent with the attempts to ban advertising of betting odds and commercials during live sporting broadcasts.

The rules on interactive gambling are planned to be tightened following recommendations made in the 2015 Review of Illegal Offshore Wagering.

The initial proposal allowed gaming advertisements on television and radio, but the ruling administration introduced an amendment that would outlaw them from live sports broadcasts.

“The House calls on the Government to work with the broadcasting industry and national sporting organisations on a transition plan to phase out the promotion of betting odds and commercials relating to betting or gambling before and during live sporting broadcasts, with a view to their prohibition,” the amendment introduced by acting opposition Communications spokesman Mark Dreyfus and Labor spokesperson for gambling Julie Collins states.

According to Dreyfus, the current restrictions should be extended to ensure there is no promotion of betting odds or gambling advertising before a game, and even during scheduled breaks.

Lobby group against the measure Free TV believes that the amendments are both “unwarranted” and “unnecessary”.

“Commercial broadcasters already have the most comprehensive, targeted set of restrictions on the promotion of betting services of any media platform in Australia,” states Free TV chief executive Brett Savill.

“Introducing new restrictions which single-out free to air television — which continues to be the most heavily regulated media platform in Australia — is entirely unnecessary,” the lobby group believes.

“In fact, doing so would risk regulatory bypass and put commercial free to air broadcasters at a competitive disadvantage compared to other media platforms, while failing to achieve the policy intent.”