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Danish Government to Raise iGaming Tax f...

Danish Government to Raise iGaming Tax from 2021

Published on December 05, 2019

The Denmark Social Democrating government with the support of the Red-Green Alliance, Socialist People’s Party, Danish Social Liberal Party and Alternative Party has announced that it will increase the taxes for iGaming operators.

Licensed sports betting and online casino operators will now have to pay a tax equal to 28% of gross gaming revenue, a significant raise from the previous 20%, which is expected to generate DKK150m (€20.08m) in tax revenues in the first year. 

The government has commented that the tax on these products is lower than that imposed on land-based casinos and gaming machines. Casinos pay a 45% GGR tax and a further 30% on revenue above DKK4m (€0.5m). At the same time gaming machines pay 41% of GGR, 30% on revenue over DKK4,000 (€535) for restaurant-based machines and the same levy on revenue over DKK250,000 (€33,460) in gaming machine halls.