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Dutch Gambling Regulator worries about S...

Dutch Gambling Regulator worries about Social Gaming

Published on October 09, 2017

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has published a press release last Monday noting that is set to further control social gambling as it can facilitate the spread of unlicensed and illicit online gambling and could also cause addiction to gambling on vulnerable players.

KSA said: “Because social games and games of chance have many similar game features, it is not always clear to players where social games stop and games of chance start”.

A report from the US research firm SuperDara Research showed that from October 2016 to January 2017 the 50% of respondents under the age of 24 have switched from social gaming to real-money online gambling. All other age groups did not have such high rates.

The Dutch Regulator will adjust the regulations to limiting all possible hazards.