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Gambling Ad to be banned in Italy...

Gambling Ad to be banned in Italy

Published on June 15, 2018

Italy’s new anti-gambling government is planning to ban advertising for online betting services.

The country’s Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Five Star Movement party, Luigi Di Maio, issued on Wednesday a ‘dignity decree’ where amongst four points the legal document includes the “prohibition of gambling advertising.”

Di Maio on an interview with the Italian radio station RTL 102.5 on Thursday, has talked for the ‘dignity decree’ and the full ban on advertising for online betting services.

The Italian government had previously stated that it would impose “strict limits on forms of gambling that allow repeated bets” and “complete ban” on gambling-related sponsorships.

The introduced legislation would prohibit “any form, direct or indirect, of advertising propaganda, of commercial communication, sponsorship or promotion of brands or products of games with cash prizes, offered in collection networks, both physical and online.”