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Gambling adverts face total ban from day...

Gambling adverts face total ban from daytime TV in UK

Published on October 07, 2016

UK government is said to be considering introducing a law that would ban gambling operators from TV advertising before the 9 PM watershed.

According to a report in Times newspaper, the government is about to review the UK gambling industry and proceed with some changes. The Times quoted an unidentified senior minister saying „the gambling industry’s luck has run out.”

According to current rules in UK, gambling companies are allowed to advertise before 9 PM only if the adverts are for bingo or the adverts appear during commercial breaks in live sporting events.

The Times‘ source claims that due to the sports exemption „betting sites can basically be advertising to children all weekend.”

It is reported that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has identified these adverts as “an area of concern” and will review the possibility of removing daytime advertising for all gambling related activity.

An attempt to restrict gambling advertising is likely to be met with resistance from UK broadcasters, who could lose millions of pounds as the result.