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How Much Data Does Online Gaming Use?...

How Much Data Does Online Gaming Use?

Published on January 16, 2020

Studies have shown that different online games have different data usage. Fortnite, DOTA 2, Overwatch, and Warframe are using around 100 MB per hour each time a particular gamer plays. Counter-Strike specifically designed for Global Offensive and Destiny 2 utilizes more data that usually reach up to 250 MB to 300 MB.

On the other hand, World of Warcraft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), and Rocket League use only about 40 MB of data. There are also fashionable igaming such as Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, and Rainbow Six Siege that consume around 50 MB to 100 MB of data per hour.

Significance of Knowing the Data Used for Online Gaming

There are researches that cite the importance of checking the data usage among online games on a regular basis. Those studies are seen to be helpful among data providers. Data usage is always accounted for to identify the demands of the users. They are doing this to establish the business foundation of I-gaming and to provide the needed requirements.

Nowadays, playing games on the web can be very addictive. We cannot expect that gamers, especially teenagers, will play online games for just an hour. Gaming on the Internet tends to last longer. Analytics reveal that the more hours a player spends online, the more data are utilized. Thus, it is necessary for data source providers to take note of these trends. It is highly appreciated that users can show their actual usage, in this case, the bandwidth.

Online gamers also have to take notes from time to time how far they can consume actual data. As a practice, they might want to upgrade their existing subscription. Others may opt to discipline themselves in limiting their online presence. But when it is about time to win the game, a gamer cannot help but continue to play, and at the same time, to use the existing data he still has on his device or computer.

More Facts about Data Usage of Internet Gaming

The use of data for online gaming should not be neglected. Online games are primarily being played using Internet connection through computer networks. Such games are designed for the virtual world. There are even games created leading to the establishment of the so-called “virtual communities.” Other games are also designed based on the realistic world of the users and such design is integrated into the cyber world.

Furthermore, some gamers have made web gaming as their passion. They use their skills as an active source of income. Yes, they can generate profit by just sitting in front of their PC, or laptop, or Smartphone while playing the whole day.

There are also players who believe that through employing some gaming techniques, they can brainstorm. In short, they agree that online games are not fit for those who are mentally weak in terms of cognitive analysis and algorithms. In connection, studies have shown that gaming online is for those individuals who are well equipped with intellectual prowess.

However, since they mean it as a serious business, possible problems related to data usage might arise and those issues have to be addressed. Consequently, data centers nowadays are providing solutions for the data usage related issues confronted by professional online gamers.

The Need for Data Centers

It is good to make use of data centers providing a significant amount of data. The rise of eSports, which is a booming industry today, can be attributed to the increase in demands. It is foreseen to even become more popular in the coming years. But one thing is sure, online gaming has become dependent on the large quantity of data provided by trusted data centers across the globe.

At present, there are available platforms like the Amazon Web Services computing infrastructure that supports the dramatic rise of Internet gaming worldwide. Many people around the globe are thrilled to witness this dramatic rise in the online gaming business. As a matter of fact, many investors have given give financial support to the gamers they like.

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