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ICE Totally Gaming 2017 returns to Londo...

ICE Totally Gaming 2017 returns to London

Published on February 08, 2017

The largest expo of the year dedicated to gambling industry started yesterday in London. Professionals from around the globe are gathering to London ExCeL to check out the newest innovations, products, sessions and participate in offered networking opportunities.

Whatever you are working on, be it betting, casino, or bingo, you will find a platform that will interest and inspire you. The biggest companies of the industry are taking part in the event.

One of the most popular panels is the one dedicated to Blockchain. It becomes more and more obvious that this technology has started seriously attracting the attention of the gambling industry.

“We are really on the verge of big things between the gaming industry and blockchain– blockchain as a technology supporting different services and of course crypto/digital currencies. 2017 can be a big year for a combination of these activities and industries. We’ve passed the Proof of Concept stage and now we’re getting into the real activities”, Eddy Travia of Coinsilium was quoted by “In the long term, there will be plenty of very interesting collaboration between the two spaces”, he added.

“If you’re not doing something in Blockchain as an operator you’re going to be blindsided. It is a tsunami and this technology will change everything”, said Adam Vaziri of Diacle.

“If you want the benefits of blockchain you have to go ‘all-in’”, said Vaziri. He advised operators to build their companies right from the bottom on the Blockchain if they want 80% efficiencies. “Shorttermism is not going to take you anywhere…if you dabble…if you want the benefits, you have to be a pioneer and you have to be all-in”, explained Vaziri.

Last year ICE 2016 had a record attendance of 28,487, increasing the reputation of ICE as the most international business event anywhere in gaming.