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New tool to Monitor your Servers/Web Ser...

New tool to Monitor your Servers/Web Services and avoid downtime

Published on December 15, 2020

Monitoring the uptime of your dedicated or virtual server, websites or any other web service, is essential in order to promptly act upon a potential outage that occurs.

Today, NetShop ISP is introducing Health Check – a new service tool that monitors your web services around the clock and notifies you instantly so you can respond faster to avoid long downtime and service disruptions.

The Health Check service consists of the following features:

  • Real-time Monitoring via ICMP/Ping
  • Real-time Monitoring via HTTP/s
  • Monitoring & Responsiveness Graphs
  • Tracking of past Monitoring data
  • Email & SMS Alerting
How our Health Check monitoring & alerting works

What is ICMP Monitoring

The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), widely known as Ping protocol, works by sending an echo request to a target host (by domain name or IP address) in order to verify network-level connectivity. It is useful and ideal for ensuring the integrity of routers, firewalls, switches and the uptime status of Cloud, Virtual or Dedicated servers.

What is HTTP Monitoring

Monitoring through the HTTP protocol works by looking at the HTTP Response code for a website using its domain name. If a website or web page exists, the web server will return a status code of 200, which means OK.

Why Is Important to Use Both ICMP and HTTP Monitoring

Let’s say that you have a website or web application hosted on a Virtual/Cloud server. Your website or the hosted web application may fail to respond at any given point, regardless of the server’s overall status. On the other hand, in cases that your Website is running smoothly you may be receiving alerts that the server is Down whereas it could be due to a firewall rule preventing access. Therefore, enabling both HTTP and ICMP Monitoring you ensure that all aspects of your hosting environment are being checked on different layers.

Email Alerts

To start monitoring your valuable web services takes less than a minute and requires zero technical expertise:

  1. Order ICMP and/or HTTP-based Monitoring (
  2. Enter the number of Hosts/Websites and the desired location where the Health Checks will happen from
  3. Add your server IP/hostname or your Website’s URL and you’re good to go!

For more information or if you like to monitor more than 100 Hosts please contact our Product Specialists.