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Operators to cease offering unlicensed S...

Operators to cease offering unlicensed Sports Betting in Hesse

Published on December 13, 2019

After announcing that as of January 2020 Sports Betting will be subject to Authorization in the German state of Hesse, the government was shocked by the number of applications received. None. 

In an effort to re-regulate the German Sports Betting market, the Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft (DAW), umbrella association in charge of gaming machine manufacturers and suppliers, published a series of changes and key updates. One of the main concerns was the official licensing of the Sports Betting segment but that seems to pose many difficulties to Authorities. 

Minister for the Interior, Peter Beuth revealed that the licencing process for Sports Betting in Hesse had not a single application, something that will inevitably affect the industry. He stated that “There will be no more toleration [of unlicensed offerings]. We will consistently prohibit illegal offerings. If you do not have permission then you are liable for prosecution, and the state will be forced to act.  “Advertising for sportsbook providers would then no longer be shown, whether on television or in stadia.”

Those who fail to comply to the new status-quo, will face immediate action.