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Outlining the main differences between F...

Outlining the main differences between Forex VPS for Brokers & for Traders

Published on December 22, 2020

A Virtual Private Server, more commonly known as VPS, is a remote computer that operates independently and can run software and applications just as a real computer does. Like with almost all personal computers and laptops, the specifications (Hard Disk, RAM Memory, CPU) of a VPS can be set according to your needs and the purpose you will use it for.

A VPS is extremely beneficial to forex traders as it provides them with 24/7 availability/operation of their trading terminals which is much needed when the user utilizes Expert Advisors for automated trading.

When we talk about forex trading, execution speed is crucial. The use of a VPS helps traders to minimize the latency between the trading terminal and the Broker’s trading server/platform. Imagine a Trader from Indonesia trading with a European Forex broker with the MT4/MT5 platform hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Due to the distance and high latency between Indonesia and Netherlands, the trader will be affected by slow trades execution. Having a VPS close to the broker’s trading platform (in The Netherlands), the Indonesian trader will be able to trade and react to the market events in miliseconds!

How Forex Brokers can benefit from the VPS service and outrun competition?

As explained earlier, it is clear that the use of Virtual Private Servers is essential for any type of Forex trader (professional, institutional, hobbyists). Forex brokers can differentiate from one another by value-added services to their customers, such as the provisioning of Free or Paid Forex VPS.

NetShop ISP offers two types of Forex VPS; for Brokers and for Traders. We present to you the main features of Forex VPS that can have for Brokers and Traders.

Almost zero latency using cross-connectivity with Broker’s trading platformLow Latency comparing to traditional trading
Ability to inter-connect NetShop ISP’s Forex VPS infrastructure with Broker’s trading platform/environmentNo inter-connectivity possible
API Available for seamless integration/whitelabeling with Broker’s CRM/Client portalNo API available
Windows Operating System with Broker’s pre-installed terminal and settingsStandard Windows Operating System environment
VPS infrastructure in any location – where Broker’s trading platform is hostedChoice between specific Global locations offered by NetShop ISP (London, Amsterdam, Singapore)
Special Discounts for Bulk OrdersFixed prices, lowest in the market
24/7 Technical & API Support24/7 Technical Support

All our Forex VPS plans for Traders can be found and purchased instantly from

If you are a Forex Broker interested to start offering Forex VPS to your clients please contact us and a Representative will be in touch with you for further details & how to get started!