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Switzerland might face referendum on the...

Switzerland might face referendum on the Approved Gaming Law

Published on October 11, 2017

Switzerland’s parliament has passed a final vote on the Switzerland’s Money Gaming Act, ending the process for the new legislation that began in 2014. The Money Gaming Act will replace the outdated 1923 Lotteries and Betting Act and the 1998 Gambling Act.

Under the new Money Gaming Act, the country is modernizing the current gaming laws by legalizing the online gambling as well as the land-based casinos, but only locals with land-based facilities will be able to operate online casino sites.

According to a recent report, there has been some opposition to the new Act by three organisations, the Swiss People’s Party, the Green Liberal Party and the Free Democratic Party, which are up to organise a referendum against the Act’s clause which requires the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to prevent international operators from accessing Swiss customers.

In order for the legislation to be brought up for a referendum, they need to gather 50 000 signatures from citizens in 100 days.