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Taiwanese online sports betting operatio...

Taiwanese online sports betting operation got busted

Published on May 08, 2017

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Taiwan has announced on Friday 5th, that an illegal online sports betting operation has been busted.

CIB said that they raid four locations in Taichung and 33 suspects have been arrested while seizing computers, cell phones, China UnionPay cards and more than NT$500K in cash.

According to the Bureau, the leader of the operation, identified as Tseng (surname) , launched the site last December and the illegal operations was more relevant to European football matches. It is been reported that Tseng had more than 12 people as employees working in three shifts per day.

As per the police, they were providing bank accounts in China or through Alipay to users. If Chinese users won a bet the transfers were made through Bank or Alipay.

Since December, gamblers had placed bets totaling around NT$340 million to date, which means an an average of NT$2.25m per day.