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The 2018 gambling trends...

The 2018 gambling trends

Published on December 27, 2017

Industry experts believe that 2018 is going to be an important year for the gambling industry and they cite certain emerging trends to be the reason for its growth.
The gambling industry globally is growing at an unprecedented rate and is estimated to reach a CAGR of 18.84% by the year 2021.

To keep up with the times, casino owners and gambling enthusiasts need to keep an eye on these upcoming gambling trends for 2018:

Move from brick and mortar casinos to mobile gambling

The younger, millennial crowd is the most affected by the shift from traditional, physical casinos to online game rooms.
Professional and amateur gamblers alike are using the services of mobile gambling operators more frequently, leading to the huge growth spurt experienced by the industry.

The birth of a younger gambling demographic

Till date, it was the middle-aged, 48+ men and women, with a semblance of savings and a low appetite for risk who were frequent visitors to roulette houses. But, with mobile gambling becoming a reality, the gambling demographic has a new segment with an average age of 32-34 years.
A large group of younger people, especially those in secure and high-paying jobs, are making use of online and mobile gambling facilities.
With a newer demographic comes new opportunities for casino owners.
Now, they can expand their business online, while catering to a group who is more open to risk-taking behavior.

The rise of new foreign markets

Although not a trend in itself, the potential legalization of casino gaming in Japan will open a new and unexplored market for casino and online gaming platform owners. A multi-million dollar virgin market, the Japanese gambling industry will be a goldmine for both homegrown and foreign businessmen.
The Japanese market will also prove to be a great playground for foreign big betters who wish to try their hand at a relatively unknown market. The potential legalization of Japanese casino gaming may also pave the way to legalization of casino gaming in other Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Establishment of electronic gaming devices in retail stores

With more US states legalizing casinos, the move to introduce the casino culture in non-casino environments is the obvious next step.
The United States may soon pave the way to legalizing gambling in places as small and obscure as truck shops and liquor stores.