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Top Reasons Why Your WordPress Website S...

Top Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Slows Down

Published on January 10, 2020

Is your WordPress website getting slow in terms of response time? Once this particular problem occurs, you need to have a fast and efficient remedy. The slow response rate of your website can affect your business. Instead of having an increased number of visitors and fans, those who visit your website will tend to leave it. And they will find a new website that offers the same content as yours but with a faster and speedier response rate.

Opening a page within your website should only take seconds, not minutes. That’s why it is necessary for us to know the top reasons why your WordPress site is lagging. By knowing the reasons why, you can easily come up with solutions on how to increase the speed of your website performance.

Why Does Your WordPress Website Slow Down?

You should have regular speed testing with your website. The report that comes out is your basis to take necessary actions. The top reasons are explained below.

Web Hosting

What? Yes, it is true. The very first potential factor why your website is getting slow when it comes to responding to visitors is your chosen web host. When your web hosting is improperly configured, it can cause your site to have slow performance. So, my recommendation is for you to pay for a trusted and legit web hosting provider. There can be a lot of choices to be found online. Choosing the most compatible one is not that easy. However, you can try the most compatible one too which is WordPress hosting.

Too Many Plugins

Plugins overload is another possible cause. When your website is installed with so many plugins, extensions, and add-ons from third-party sources, your site is having trouble responding to the visitors’ queries and activities. Plugins can purposely enhance the performance of your website, on the one hand. They serve as site optimizers. You can as well customise your e-commerce platform with the use of those third-party add-ons. On the other hand, when it’s too much, it’s certainly not good at all. Too much is still dangerous, in other words.

Long CSS or JavaScript

CSS refers to cascading style sheets. It functions as your site toner. It instructs the other essentials of your website, such as a menu, color, font, footer, and header. CSS has voluminous files somehow. And when the files are converging inside the website, the disk space is affected. It can result in clogging inside. As it happens, your website is having a very low performance in terms of responding. It takes minutes to open even a single page because, literally, there’s no room for the different web pages that exist inside the site to breathe.

Not Optimised Images

Images are essential content of your website. They are part of the strategy to make people believe that your website is an awesome source of the solution. But size really matters. That’s why you need to compress and optimize the images that are posted on different web pages. Optimising the images is a way to reduce the file size. This way, you’re helping the allowable disk space to boost page response rates.

Slow Web Host Server

The first reason cited above talks about the web host as one of the main causes of why a website is slowing down. That factor is somehow related here, in a sense. But it is put separately here because it has a heavy impact on the website response rate. Cited above is the issue on the configuration. But here, I am talking about the server of the web host which is supposedly problematic. What is your web host? Is it iPage, Hostgator, or Bluehost? This is the reason why before you are going to pay for web hosting, you should see to it that their server is optimised and working well.

The question now is: How can you speed up the response rate of your slow website? See to it that you understand the causes that trigger the problem. Choose the right web host. Make sure that the images are compressed and optimized. Check your CSS files. And avoid having too many plugins, most especially if your disk space is not unlimited. To make sure that the performance of your website is highly optimised, you can contact NetShop ISP today. This company has effective solutions for your WordPress website issues.