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UK General election delays Fixed-odds be...

UK General election delays Fixed-odds betting review

Published on July 03, 2017

The UK gov announced that the findings of the fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBT) long-awaited review will be delayed until the autumn, following a rift between the Treasury and the government department responsible for the gambling industry over regulation of the controversial machines.

Tory MP Tracey Crouch, the Conservative minister confirmed the decision during Thursday House of Commons questions and informed the parliament that she doesn’t expect “any further announcement until October at the earliest” as to the results of that review. She also commented on Friday via Twitter “Definitely not in long grass. Process is really important on this issue.”

The findings of the review are still unpredictable as the MPs in the Democratic Unionist party, which holds the balance of power in parliament, pushing for a reduction FOBTs’ current maximum stake of £100 to just £2. Also, it is considering if the the maximum of FOBTs per betting shop wll be reduced to 4 as well as new restrictions on gambling firms advertising on television.

The Association of British Bookmakers said: “Any decisions affecting an industry that serves six million customers and employs over 52,000 people, more than the rest of the gambling industry combined, should be taken on the basis of the facts and evidence.” “We remain committed to working with the government and regulators on our responsible gambling agenda.”