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UKGC proposes changes to remote gambling...

UKGC proposes changes to remote gambling and software technical standards

Published on October 28, 2016

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) proposed changes to its Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards (RTS).

The UKGC claims in its statement that the consultation “seeks to ensure consumers are provided with sufficient information to gamble responsibly whilst delivering an effective and proportionate regulatory framework”.

One of the proposed new requirements is to allow customers to “choose whether to automatically accept price fluctuations that occur after a bet is placed.” Operators would be required to provide sufficient information for the customers making sure all the options are clearly understood.

New rules are about to be faced by online poker operators as well. In regards to the funds that are being confiscated from players, UKGC is seeking to ensure that sufficient information is provided to players on what happens to confiscated funds.

Operators will also be requested to display what third-party software they permit on their sites and periodically send out email reminders of third-party software policy. In case any type of software is banned, measures will have to be in place in order to deter, prevent and detect their use.

Reinforcement of existing requirements is also proposed. The UKGC is willing to request operators to ensure that customers set their financial limits at an account level, not just on an individual product basis.

Since last year, when UKGC launched a consultation on RTS, there was a number of proposed revisions on the matter. Industry members are now invited to provide their input to the consultation. UKGC is planning to stage workshops at the end of this year to work on specific issues concerning the draft proposals.