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UPS Eyes Blockchain on offer to track gl...

UPS Eyes Blockchain on offer to track global shipping data

Published on August 20, 2018

Delivery giant UPS has petitioned for another patent that utilizations blockchain as a feature of a conveyed framework for sending bundles around the world.

The patent application, distributed on Aug. 16 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), additionally unveils the company’s enthusiasm for utilizing blockchain to re-envision how shipments move the world over.

Entitled “Autonomous services selection system and distributed transportation database(s),” the idea includes putting away various sorts of information inside a disseminated record arrange, including data about a bundle’s goal, its development and transportation gets ready for shipment units.

As already reported, UPS joined a transportation-centered blockchain consortium in 2017 and has even alluded to tolerating bitcoin through a proposed arrangement of thing trade lockers.

Remarkably, UPS proposes utilizing in excess of one disseminated record with an end goal to track a scope of shipment arranges, “each providing varying information/data regarding respective asset types (e.g., shipment units and/or associated shipment units).”

“Thus, certain embodiments enable tracking of a first set of shipment units and a second set of shipment units associated with the first set of shipment units separately, thereby enabling the use of various smart contracts relating to shipping services and shipment unit handling in a bifurcated manner,” the company announced.

That the company would take a gander at various approaches to upgrade the procedure through which it moves shipments around the globe is maybe obvious, given its scale. According to its website, UPS shipped more than 5 billion packages and records a year ago winning $54 billion in income.