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Vulnerability around Brexit Affects Onli...

Vulnerability around Brexit Affects Online Gambling Operators in the UK and Ireland

Published on March 29, 2019

British and Irish iGaming companies have promised it is business as usual despite the vulnerability encompassing Brexit.

The proceeded with vulnerability encompassing whether the UK will leave the EU leaves places, for example, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar in a condition of limbo. The fringe among Ireland and Northern Ireland – which is likewise vigorously influenced by Brexit – implies neither Irish nation will probably settle until after Brexit is resolved either.

The expectation is that the iGaming business is sufficiently enormous and in this way sufficiently flexible to withstand any aftermath from an EU withdrawal. In any case, despite the fact that the UK and Irish betting industry is blasting, it is suspected that if Brexit occurs, changes to UK gaming charge laws may transform the UK into an issue zone for investors.

According to expectations of the industry, gambling operators and their operations in the region would be one of the most affected companies, as the UK withdrawal could create bureaucratic chaos in terms of operating licences, regulation, applicable gambling legislation, etc. It is also expected to bring certain changes to the tax regime regarding the gambling sectors of the UK and Ireland.

Several iGaming companies operating in the UK have committed their immediate future to the UK by setting up headquarters in Europe – places like Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Malta. However, if Britain is to leave the EU, then there is a chance that iGaming companies would need to either move their headquarters directly into the UK or cease from operating in the country entirely if the laws become stricter. Although iGaming companies will surely be preparing for the worst, they are not going to allow Brexit to affect the industry before a final decision on whether the UK leaves the EU or not has been made.

iGaming companies which operate almost exclusively in the UK and Ireland – the likes of PlayFrank, Paddy Power and Betfair – have moved their HQs to Malta, a country which has been dubbed as the iGaming capital of Europe. Bet365 also recently announced that they would move there operations from Gibraltar to Malta due in part to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

“Due to regulatory developments in various jurisdictions and the evolving global regulatory environment for online betting and gaming, we have decided to increase our existing presence in Malta, which provides a mature and robust regulatory environment for the industry,” stated a Bet365 spokesperson.

These companies, although they are not based in the UK, operate heavily in the UK gaming sector and have employed lots of UK and Irish workers. Whether or not a no deal Brexit will have any implication on overseas employment remains to be seen, however, it gives more anxiety to an already anxious industry.

It is thought that Malta iGaming area employs over 10,000 individuals alone. While any semblance of the Isle of Man and Gibraltar particularly, utilize comparative numbers. Brexit limbo, in any case, puts these positions in danger.

Review of everything, the iGaming business that works in the UK and Ireland has never been more grounded. In spite of the fact that the Brexit vote caused and keeps on causing some stressed faces around the enormous young men of the betting business, they will, similar to the various enterprises and organizations which have been gotten and dropped into vulnerability by the 2016 United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum, continue in any case and plan to get past solid.