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Domain Trustee Services

Domain Trustee Services

Looking for a domain in a offshore country? Just name it to us and you will have it!

Different ccTLD registries have different eligibility requirements. Some registries require a local incorporated company with documentary proof, while others require a verified local (postal) address.

NetShop Internet Services provides a comprehensive Global Trustee Service for restricted ccTLD registrations. If you do not meet the requirements to register your desired domains in some countries, you can choose to use NetShop’s Trustee Service to secure the domains first. Sometimes NetShop’s Trustee Party may appear as the domain owner, but we guarantee you the full ownership. We can update the ownership upon your request once you become eligible for the domains.

This service enables you to protect your names in certain countries before you have your own local presences or not to reveal your own details for your domains as your wish.

Our Trustee Service covers the following TLDs:

.CY (Cyprus)

.CO.ID, .WEB.ID (Indonesia)

.KR, .CO.KR, .OR.KR (Korea)

.COM.AR (Argentina)

.COM.BR (Brasil)

.COM.CO (Colombia)

.HK, .COM.HK (Hong Kong)

.MY, .COM.MY, .NET.MY, .ORG.MY (Malaysia)

.SG, .COM.SG, .PER.SG (Singapore)

.COM.SV (El Salvador)

.DE (Germany)

.EU (European Union)

.FI (Finland)


.IT (Italy)

.JP (Japan)

.LU (Luxembourg)

.NL (Netherlands)

.NO (Norway)

.HU, .CO.HU (Hungary)

.SK (Slovakia)

For more information about our corporate services, please contact our Domain Name specialists team.

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