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iGaming System Audit

iGaming System Audit

Be Prepared. Go Live.

Prior to scheduling an appointment with the Regulator (Malta – MGA, Cyprus – NBA) to conduct the official System Audit of your website/software it is highly recommended that you perform an in-depth pre-audit check.

Any bugs, mistakes or inconsistencies with what the Regulator’s requirements are will be pointed out to your programmers and/or system engineers accordingly.

How It Works

1. Upon assigning us with the System Pre-Audit task of your Project, we will assign a dedicated, technically oriented auditor who will study your Business Plan, review the current stage of your application and get started working with you closely.

2. According to the Licence Type you have applied (e.g. Class 3 in Malta or Class B in Cyprus) our Auditor will sort out the exact requirements/specifications your software should meet. The list of requirements found in the Regulators websites is quite broad and exceptions are made for specific licence types and games. The list will be fully clarified by our Auditor so that you get only the clear picture of pre-requisites.

3. A date will be scheduled as per your preference (and deadlines) to conduct the Pre-Audit Check where any inconsistencies with the regulatory framework of your License are recorded in a document which is kept throughout the process to allow revisions.

4. Upon the confirmation from the System Auditor that all requirements of your software are met, you will be given the green light to schedule an appointment with the Regulator for the final System Audit.

How We Stand Out The Competition

Long history of successful customer applications

IT-oriented System Auditors

Experienced team of in-house programmers and system engineers to assist

Daily Communication via Phone, Skype and/or E-mail

Meeting deadlines as per your time plan

PenTest and Web Security Audit Services available

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