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iGaming Network & Infrastructure Design

iGaming Network & Infrastructure Design

Whether your application/software is hosted with us or not, NetShop ISP can assist you with the important task of designing an efficient and secure IT Infrastructure within your budget.

Our work is held upon your iGaming Licence Application type and your Software’s bespoke requirements. These are some of the IT Infrastructure services we will introduce to you:

Network Design

The design of your infrastructure’s network is the key task to be implement first so that everything else can follow in order. It is very important that the Network design is completed prior Hardware procurement and it is vital in order to proceed to the Security Hardening of your servers and applications.

Hardware & Resources Availability

A well-designed infrastructure should be future proof. While having in mind your current budget, we will ensure that your Infrastructure has been designed in that way so that the hardware and network resources (Servers, Storage, Bandwidth) can be easily upgraded upon your business’ growth and expansion.

Security Audit & Intrusion detection

Companies in the iGaming sector are urged to take security issues very seriously. A security compromise costs clients, hurts the brand name and most probably will ring a bell for an investigation by the Gaming Authorities. Your company might also be liable for damages if it can be established that it was negligent.

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Failover, Load Balancing & Mirroring

One should know, when launching an online business, of the potential issues that may occur during times; either on a hardware, network or software level. Our tailor-made failover and mirroring solutions, trusted by companies in the Financial and iGaming sector, can ensure that you are up and running no matter what.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

As the majority of our clients rely on NetShop ISP for the security and integrity of their data, which is a key requirement of the Gaming Authorities, we have the knowledge and the capacity to design and implement any type of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solutions. As Geographical redundancy is not possible, due to iGaming Regulators’ requirements, NetShop can design and implement a Disaster Recovery solution via network-independent Data Centers/Halls in the same country.

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