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3 Reasons Why Host Your Server in Singap...

3 Reasons Why Host Your Server in Singapore

Published on November 20, 2020

With the rising of cloud services offered by Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, one can think that server’s location does not matter.

Well, in fact, the location where a website or application is deployed at makes a huge difference. In this article we will explain why location matters and 3 reasons why Singapore should be considered as a hosting location.

Let’s say a London based business hosts its website in Germany. When a website visitor visits the website from Germany, his request to the server hosting that website will go from Germany to Germany so the latency will be very low thus the website will load very fast.

On the other hand, website visitors from Asia (e.g. Singapore consumers) trying to access the Germany-hosted website will experience a very slow loading of the website due to the increased latency caused by the routing of their request: Singapore -> Germany -> Singapore.

It is clear that our London-based business will not be able to reach customers in Asia by having a server in Germany. It is also clear that a website’s location plays an important role towards an online business’ success in reaching global customers.

Here are the top 3 most common reasons why businesses choose to host their servers, applications and websites in Singapore.

  1. Top-ranked in APAC Region
  2. Minimal Natural Disaster
  3. Secure Data center & hosting facilities

1. Top-ranked Country in Data Centers market in Asia-Pacific region

According to Cushman & Wakefield’s Data Center Risk Index, Singapore scored 84.50/100, ranking strongly for network infrastructure, diverse connectivity to the major Asia Pacific markets and its political stability. Singapore comprises 54% of datacenter capacity in the South East Asia thus attracting several data center & web hosting giants to establish a presence there. As the data creation and data storage is exponentially growing, Cushman & Wakefield Reports estimate that the Asia Pacific’s data center market will surpass the European market by 2021 with an expected volume of more than 22,845,908 Terabytes per month!

2. Minimal Natural Disaster

As per its geographic location, Singapore is located outside from the Pacific Ring of Fire which means the country is safe from a potential volcano eruption and therefore any major earthquake. In addition to that, the data center providers are investing a large amount of their budget in Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery which means that Singapore-hosted servers are well protected from any disasters may occur.

3. Secure Data center & hosting facilities

When looking for a hosting provider to host your business infrastructure, security is the main factor one should consider before making a decision. NetShop ISP’s NSSIN01 Data Center in Singapore is protected by advanced physical security systems and protocols. These include a multi-layered access system, X-ray scanner, metal detector and advanced digital CCTV network, combined with 24/7 on-site security staff.

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