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Advantages of Offshore Web Design Hostin...

Advantages of Offshore Web Design Hosting

Published on January 08, 2020

Offshore outsourcing has been popular in over two decades. The main reason for this is because jobs are cheaper in developing countries. This is why a lot of American companies, even the biggest corporations that can afford to splurge, outsource their customer service to countries like India and the Philippines.

So basically, that is the same reason why companies do offshore web design hosting. This is the process by which companies allow other companies to host their data in a different country. Operational cost in the U.S. is just too high—couple that with the economy not as stable as businesses would like, then offshore hosting just becomes more and more appealing.

Why companies prefer offshore web design hosting?

As mentioned, the biggest consideration of offshore outsourcing, in general, is the cost. Since the overhead in the U.S. is too expensive, plus there are laws on benefits that should be covered, then a lot of the companies prefer to just outsource a lot of their services. One of which is web design. This way, you will just let another company take care of your web services and you pay a regular fee, as opposed to keeping a person or two in regular employment.

Another reason for offshore hosting is because some companies do not want their data or identity shared with third parties. This could easily be done when web design hosting is done locally.

There is also the tendency that these offshore companies are committed to quality just because they want their reputation to be known globally. If they do well, chances are their clients will talk about how good they are. That is significant because the word will spread in another country—that’s another level of attracting clients.

If your web design host optimizes your business deal by having its presence felt in your country of origin, then you can do the same. Your business’s presence in that country will spread—for sure. The employees handling your account will surely talk about the company to their family and friends. Eventually, people will be curious and research about your company and they will know about you. That is an opportunity for you to branch out globally.


One of the more important issues to consider when it comes to outsourcing, in general, is data privacy. So if you have your services hosted in another country, what is the assurance that your data policy will be valued? Then this is definitely something you have to research before investing in offshore web design hosting. Is the country you are eyeing strict on data privacy? Do they have laws that could protect your company’s data? The country and its existing laws is a primordial consideration when your company is thinking about going offshore.

Another important consideration is technology. How is the infrastructure of the offshore company you want to handle your web design? This is very important. If India and the Philippines are great places to outsource customer service because English is a widely spoken language in those countries, would they also be generally viable for web design hosting?

Whatever country you are eyeing, you have to check the company’s technology to ensure there will be no shutdowns. If a shutdown does happen, especially those beyond a human being’s control, what will the company do about it?

Speed is another significant factor. You have to check the technology’s speed as well as efficiency. You can’t have problems offshore when communication has a few major barriers: distance, language and time difference.

If you can have a web host that will give you a free trial, you should definitely take that opportunity. For obvious reasons, that is very important. You really want to have a feel of the service before you commit to it. That is needed because communication is going to be sparse. There will be regular communication, for sure, but this will mostly be routine. For communications regarding the intricacies of the working relationship, it is not going to be easily established. There will be scheduling involved. So ask to have a free trial in order to establish that the setup will work great for both parties. Contact us for more deals!

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