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Cloud Hosting: Business Is Floating in t...

Cloud Hosting: Business Is Floating in the Clouds

Cloud Hosting: Business Is Floating in the Clouds

Published on Mon Jan 06 2020

There is no stopping the cloud from becoming an integral part of the business. It is just the most practical way to go especially if you own a startup. Starting a business is expensive. It involves a large overhead cost with the office lease, employees, office supplies and so much more. Then, of course, you need a website—maybe even a mobile application if necessary.

Then, of course, every day, there are operational costs involved. So it is really important when a business can save costs on somewhere. So why not save on investing in a server? Businesses need to invest in online presence, hence, the necessity of a server. Also, when it comes to large-office settings, you will need an office network system. That, too, will need a server.

This is when cloud technology comes in. It is really a great opportunity to save on a lot of services because of the shared technology that the cloud can bring. And that is cloud hosting!

Every day, cloud technology is just getting better. One of the first issues of cloud technology is definitely security. Remember the times when the nude photos of stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Cara Delevingne were leaked? The cloud was hacked, experts said.

Secure cloud hosting

But it seems like security in cloud hosting is no longer a problem—not much of a problem, that is. Teresa Carlson, vice president of Worldwide Public Sector of Amazon Web Services (AWS), admitted that security was the real reason cloud technology did not take off immediately.

Now, though, businesses concerned about security are now moving to cloud technology. Of course, it makes sense that security will be solved immediately. One thing about technology and the modern world, everything is fast-paced. So when the issue of security was raised, it was immediately solved.

While AWS provides different cloud services that include storage and other services, security is a top priority for the business as it serves so many companies. A lot of these companies depend on confidentiality, especially for their clients.

It is not just AWS that is making sure security is impenetrable. Other clouds hosting companies are also prioritizing security because they know how important it is especially if you have clients that include federal government agencies and medical companies. These organizations depend so much on confidentiality. Because of that, it’s important to use cloud backup!

Cloud technology is the way to go

Since cloud hosts are now making sure that security is the top priority, businesses are floating their businesses to the cloud. It is not just about saving on physical services by depending on cloud hosting, it is also about efficiency. Picking out items from the cloud is so much easier and more convenient.

Physical infrastructure takes up space, costs money, and will mean additional employee that might take care of this structure in business. But with cloud hosting, you erase all those. Plus, there is that ensured security. There is really no reason why businesses should not trust cloud technology.

More and more companies are really adapting cloud technology and that will only be better for those companies who are already into the system. When more businesses are into it, more cloud hosting opportunities will open. That is just a simple supply-and-demand curve. And if there are a lot of cloud hosting services, the service is only going to improve for the better.

Advantages of shared services

Cloud hosting is really easy to use, that’s mainly because companies don’t have to do much. The work is basically left to the cloud host. That also leads us to the next advantage: it is more convenient. Imagine a server that is efficient and will hold the most significant units of your company. All these while you just push a few buttons for control.

The cloud host takes care of a lot of things: maintenance, monitoring, server uptime. This means that business owners can focus on their business and doing day-to-day operational tasks rather than having a mind somewhere else. That is very important because it’s a large load off an owner’s shoulders. Businesses can just focus on making a profit, which is what they set out to do in the first place.

To know a little bit more about AWS and cloud hosting, here is something from Forbes.

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