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China cracks down on offshore gambling...

China cracks down on offshore gambling

Published on March 29, 2017

China is committing to crack down on all gambling operators illegally promoting overseas casino resorts in mainland China. Casinos are outlawed in China and so is the promotion of this type of gambling venues. However, a number of international casinos have sent marketing and sales representatives to China to attract big-spending players. Following a high-profile case last year when 18 Crown Resorts staff members were arrested in relation to promoting foreign casinos, Chinese lawmakers are taking an extra effort in order to prevent illegal advertising of illicit gambling service.

Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun commented: “We must seriously investigate and severely punish those companies and individuals involved in enticing and organising Chinese tourists to gamble in overseas casinos. We must severely punish those casino-related illegal labour agents and crack down on activities for investing in overseas casinos.”

Because of the Communist Party Congress happening later this year in Beijing, the minister also organised a special meeting of the country’s highest police officers to set up the action plan before the event takes place. The government is aiming to stop the flow of money from the country and gambling is being blamed for the major part of that.

Guo Shengkun said: “The police must root out criminal gangs operating online gambling and show no mercy to “underground banks” which aid with the flow of cash to fund cross-border betting.”

It is already stated, that following the Crown Resorts arrests, almost all land based casino operators have ceased their marketing activity on mainland China.