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End of Era of OPAP’s gambling monopoly...

End of Era of OPAP’s gambling monopoly

Published on May 18, 2018

In the face of today’s plenary session of the Cyprus parliament, is expected to put into force the draft law which is abolishing the agreement of the monopoly of OPAP Cyprus gambling, which exists since 2003.

The bill was drafted following a warning letter from the European Commission (EC) asking for explanations about the monopoly enjoyed by OPAP through a transnational agreement.

By adopting the draft law, the Council of Ministers will authorize a Steering Committee to select a provider, following a specific procedure, who will have the exclusive right to organize, operate and provide gaming, on terms and conditions and will be subjected to strict regulatory control and supervision.

A report released yesterday by the Cyprus Parliamentary Committee on Finance, shows that DISY, EDEK and the Solidarity Movement have voted in favor of the bill.

According to all indications, the bill will be passed in law.