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Harvard invests in Blockstack cryptocurr...

Harvard invests in Blockstack cryptocurrency tokens

Published on April 12, 2019

Blockstack, the New York-based blockchain software provider launched in 2017 to create the infrastructure for a decentralized internet, has announced it intends to raise $50 million in a token sale that would leverage the SEC’s Regulation A+ crowdfunding exemption.

According to a preliminary circular offering statement submitted on Apr. 11th to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Blockstack LLC, a US-based blockchain software provider, has named a representative of Harvard Management as a member of the token advisory board.

According to Morgan Creek Digital’s Anthony Pompliano and the token sale filing submitted by Blockstack to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Harvard University’s endowment invested in Blockstack’s crypto token sale.

Pompliano tweeted:

BREAKING: Harvard’s endowment invested $5M – $10M directly into Blockstack’s token sale.

This means that one of the leading university endowments is comfortable holding tokens directly.


— Pomp (@APompliano) April 11, 2019