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Joomla Hosting Becomes Sold Alternative ...

Joomla Hosting Becomes Sold Alternative for WordPress

Published on December 21, 2019

So WordPress has been in the business for at least 15 years. It is going as strong as the necessity for businesses to keep website peaks. WordPress just makes things more convenient when maintaining a website. But there is another open-source platform in the mix: Joomla.

Joomla hosting is not new to the business. It was founded in 2005, just two years after the launch of WordPress. However, it may seem like those two years mattered for a little bit. For now, Joomla won’t be able to compete if it goes head to head with WordPress. Good thing, it isn’t. Joomla is just there to provide an alternative for businesses, especially for startups. Joomla, like WordPress, is a content management system (CMS). However, many have appreciated the presence of Joomla because in a big way, it is different from WordPress.

The reason why Joomla cannot compete with WordPress—at least not yet—is because of the open-source software hosts so many other services when it used to be just blogging and other web content. But that is also brought about by WordPress maturity. WordPress may only be two years older than Joomla but it had peaked really early.

But while WordPress is considered a user-friendly platform, Joomla just took that user-friendly description to a whole new level. Joomla is extremely easy to use and highly customizable. That is a business owner’s dream because it would be possible for them to maintain the company’s website without hiring a full-time person. The business owner can manage the website through Joomla. The easy customization part is really significant.

Joomla is a convenient CMS that will be perfect for an influencer maintaining their own blog site and for startups that want to compete in the online segment. Joomla also handles office networks so that the corporate entity will have its own internal system of keeping employees informed.

Joomla is free, which is probably the best part of it. Not a lot of web hosting applications allow free installation. The service is also considered a web application framework. This, along with the CMS, can complement each other, hence, can be used together.

Global Joomla hosting

Joomla’s software has been downloaded over 50 million times. That is a lot in just 11 years of operations. The use of Joomla doesn’t just benefit the company, it is also great for the clients of these companies.

Joomla is also supporting some 30 million websites. It is the second more popular CMS, second only to WordPress. However, because of WordPress’s popularity, it might be easier to use for persons who don’t have any technological background. Earlier, it was mentioned that Joomla may be more user-friendly than WordPress—that is true to some extent. But because WordPress is so much more popular than Joomla, there are hundreds of tutorial articles or YouTube videos dedicated to teaching people how to use WordPress. There might only be a handful when it comes to Joomla.

For tech users, Joomla will certainly come out so much easier to use. But for beginners in every sense of the word, WordPress may be more convenient just because there are so many available “teachers” online.

Joomla works best with the big four in the open-source component collectively called LAMP or Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. Although, Joomla can still be installed on Windows. As far as its creation is concerned, the Joomla was created through the PHP programming language.

One unique thing about Joomla is that its community is inclined to help each other. And it has clients all over the world. Most users of whatever kind of application would not give other users second thoughts. But in the case of Joomla, users are particularly concerned about improving the CMS. This is why they tend to be more helpful with each other. They are not just users; they are a community.

Why choose Joomla?

For developers, Joomla is really the best choice for you. It’s free and easily customizable, which is a big deal. Joomla has easily over a thousand themes that you can use when starting a website. The installation process is also very easy. Joomla basically ticks all the boxes when it comes to starting a website. Here are some steps on creating a great small business website via Forbes.