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Revealing the secrets of VPN: Why & When...

Revealing the secrets of VPN: Why & When to Use VPN

Revealing the secrets of VPN: Why & When to Use VPN

Published on Mon Dec 07 2020

A VPN (or Virtual Private Network, when it goes by its full name) is a term & a service which becomes more and more popular and trending as the online security and data privacy come under scrutiny.

In very simple terms, a VPN is used to connect your PC, smartphone, or tablet to another computer (proxy, server) which uses enhanced security and encryption measures to protect your data while navigating the Web.

How VPN Works

How Does a VPN Help Me ?

As the VPN resides outside the Internet, it helps bypassing restrictions applied to websites and online media enforced either by Government censorship or geographic restrictions and copyright regulations.

Moreover, you can use VPN if you want to:

  • Protect yourself from spying when accessing the Internet via untrustworthy Wi-fi hotspots
  • Surf the Internet with anonymity by hiding your original locations
  • Protect yourself from ISPs monitoring and logging during your internet browsing sessions
  • Watch Web TV in streaming applications that enforce geographical restrictions

Going more Technical…

When browsing the Internet without a VPN, your computer or smartphone contact the Website directly to retrieve the information & data which you are looking for. This is a 2-way communication where you (via your laptop) are sending a request and the server that hosts the Website you are browsing receives the request and responds with the required information.The so-called “prying eyes” in the Internet world can get advantage of this data exchange, at any point (yours or the server’s) to fetch information that is transmitted.

With the use of a VPN, your computer/smartphone contacts the Website through an encrypted channel; that of the VPN’s network. The VPN then is responsible for forwarding your computer’s request to the destination server/website and then handles to give you back the response/data that are sent back from the destination website.

Simply said, if you live in the United Kingdom and you browse Netflix through a VPN in the United States, Netflix will see your browsing session as coming from the USA!

Benefits of Using a VPN Explained

1. Hides your Private Information

VPNs offer up to military-grade 256-bit encryption of your data which means that no Browser, Website or App can track and log your activity.

2. Bypass Geolocation Restrictions

With the use of a VPN your Internet browsing public-facing IP Address changes. This means that media and content providers will think you are browsing a Website/App from a different location than your actual one and therefore you will be able to retrieve & access streaming media which are not available for your country.

3. Escape Data-throttling & Excess Bandwidth Charges

Some ISPs, in the majority of the Countries nowadays, will place caps on your data subscription plan so that they can maximize internet speed for their business customers. With the use of a VPN on your Smartphone your ISPs will not be able to track data consumption which means you will not be subject to a data cap!

4. Protected File Sharing

Like in all societies where crime exists, Cybercrime is a threat for any user connecting a computer or a smartphone on the Internet. The use of a VPN can help users and businesses to securely exchange files & media without worrying about the data being stolen or exposed.


In summary, a Virtual Private Network connection provides you with enhanced Web security, Internet browsing anonymity and freedom to Access any digital content & media. In some countries, the use of VPNs is banned and regulated so prior purchasing the service from a VPN provider, you should check the country’s laws.

NetShop ISP for VPN Providers and VPN Users

The best VPN service for you depends on your needs and what you pay for. Free VPN services should be avoided as they may be limited in the features they offer whilst other Providers may offer a free service in exchange for access to your data!

NetShop ISP has been in the VPN industry for many years now, as a trusted server hosting company of many VPN providers. Moreover, affordable VPN plans are available for month-to-month subscription so you can get started easily at an affordable price.

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