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Cyprus – The world’s most popular Offsho...

Cyprus – The world’s most popular Offshore hosting location

Cyprus – The world’s most popular Offshore hosting location

Published on Mon Nov 30 2020

When it comes to business and company incorporation, Cyprus ranks among the top locations for registering your offshore company.

Cyprus provides many offshorecompany formation opportunities with the added advantages of having access to the European Union’s numerous economic and trade treaties. Cyprus is a traditional tax-based structure that has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU at 12.5%, and also offers non-resident based companies that are completely free from all local taxation.

Cyprus offers international company vehicles that are perfect for a holding or investment account or trading purposes. Companies can easily be paired with an offshore bank account whether its a local or overseas bank.

Along with a Cyprus company registration one should acquire the necessary web hosting services from a trusted and reliable Cyprus web hosting provider. The essential online services a Cyprus company must have are:

  • Website Hosting with Cyprus IP address
  • .COM.CY or .CY Domain Name
  • Business E-mail

In this article we will go through each of the above services and the importance of having them hosted with a Cyprus web hosting provider.

1. Website Hosting with Cyprus IP Address

Regardless of the sector your business operates in, it is of great importance that you have a Website to showcase information about your Cyprus company as it might be requested by your local Cyprus Bank during the account opening stage.

In the case your Cyprus company will be active in the traditional and/or online commerce sector, having a Website hosted in a web hosting company that offers Cyprus IP address is vital. As per Google’s and other search engines’ ranking factors, a Website will rank higher to the Internet users with the same Country origin as the Website’s hosting location. For example, it is more likely that a Google search by a Cyprus-based user will rank a Cyprus hosted Website higher, in results, than a similar/competitive Website that is hosted in Germany.

2. .COM.CY or .CY Domain Name

Having explained the important role of a Website’s geo-location in the Internet zone, one can understand that the same “rules” apply when it comes to your business’ Domain Name. Whether your business already has an Online presence (e.g. with a .COM domain), acquiring a Cyprus Top-Level Domain (TLD) is essential for these reasons:

  • Brand Name Protection – your business name will be registered with a .COM.CY or .CY so none of your competitors will be able to acquire it first.
  • Audience/Traffic Segmentation – in case you maintain an established global brand, you may wish to divert traffic coming from Cyprus users to the .CY version of your website. For some industries like the Online betting this is a requirement by the law.

3. Business E-mail

Along with the registration of your .CY Domain Name and the design of a Website that represents your Cyprus’ brand, a business e-mail is the 3rd internet service one should look to get up & running. Regardless of the type of Company you will be incorporating, a business e-mail based on your .COM.CY domain name is a MUST.

If you are not a Startup business then the chances are you have e-mail accounts created already. Even in this case, a dedicated e-mail address based on your Cyprus company’s domain is essential in order to keep all the information & e-mail exchanges that concern your Cyprus company in one place.

Cyprus, NetShop ISP and You

NetShop Internet Services Ltd is a privately-owned business incorporated in Cyprus in 2004. It is among the first hosting providers with strong international presence that introduced web hosting services in Cyprus.

With a portfolio of hundreds of accounting, tax and law firms as Partners, NetShop ISP is, today, providing .CY Domain Names, Website hosting services and secure E-mail hosting for local and international businesses.

For more information about Cyprus web hosting, Cyprus VPS or Dedicated Servers or any other hosting service may interest you please contact our 24/7 Customer Service team.

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