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Revolut joins the list of Accepted Payme...

Revolut joins the list of Accepted Payment Methods for all NetShop ISP Web Hosting Services

Published on December 22, 2020

NetShop Internet Services Ltd, the leading Web Hosting company, is announcing today the availability of Revolut as a payment method for all of its web hosting products & services.

I don’t have a Revolut account. How do I get Started?

To get started with Revolut, you need to download the mobile app, which is available for both iPhone and Android for free. Upon your registration, you can order the debit card and, depending on whether you are using the free version, you can choose between Visa (Free) and MasterCard (for Premium and Metal accounts). The activation of a virtual credit card is instant, so once you complete the registration you will have access to credit card number, expiration date and CVV so you can start using it for your online payments.

To transfer funds to your Revolut Card/Account, you can either use an existing debit or credit card or make a bank transfer.

To make a deposit, fill in the credit card number received from Revolut together with expiration date and CVV, as you would do with your normal debit or credit card.

Revolut and NetShop ISP Customers

NetShop ISP is a Revolut Business account holder, listed as S.S. NETSHOP INTERNET SERVICES LTD. Upon your first order or service renewal, you will find the corresponding Invoice generated from within your myNetShop Portal account. From the invoice details page you can choose Revolut from the drop-down list of accepted payment methods.

Currently, we accept Revolut payments in 3 currencies; EUR, GBP and USD. Whilst more currency accounts/wallets will be added, please don’t hesitate to contact our Billing department should you wish to make a payment in a new currency.