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Switzerland opposed IP blocks...

Switzerland opposed IP blocks

Published on January 20, 2017

The plans to require internet service providers (ISPs) to block the domains of international online gambling sites are cancelled. Despite the objections from the industry, earlier this month the Council of States approved this change. However, the Legal Affairs Committee of the Swiss National Council has just voted to remove the domain blocking from the proposed gambling legislation.

The reason of the proposal was to support land-based casinos in Switzerland that are struggling financially. They were hoping that the blocks would help out the situation until expected regulation arrives around 2019. The new law is supposed to allow Swiss casinos to offer online versions of their activities.

However, ISPs were not willing to bear the costs and demanded that casinos pay for the changes even though the government ordered the blocks.

The latest decision is to re-examine the matter in five years. At the moment, the Federal Gaming Commission is authorised to issue warning to online operators that are offending the law and to prosecute those who neglect the warnings.

Despite the compromise taken, the National Council can still include the domain blocking in the final version of the gambling legislation. The government‘s spring session will end on March 17.