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Warning from Denmark Regulator Against “...

Warning from Denmark Regulator Against “Free” Bonus Offers

Published on April 19, 2019

The gambling regulatory body in Denmark, Spillemyndigheden, has warned its online licensees, telling them to be honest with customers about their “free” bonus offers. The regulatory agency issued a statement recently, warning licensed online gambling operators and citing the statement of the Danish Consumer Ombudsman’s February 2016.

According to the statement, the word “free” cannot be used in any bonus offer-related marketing material if the offer involves a requirement for a turnover. The statement also talks about the use of phrases such as “free spins,” “free bet,” and “free of charge” if the offer involves a requirement for a turnover. Operators are only allowed to use these phrases if the proposal does not involve a need for turnover and the chance of winning is not reduced.

The regulatory body also noted that licensed online gambling operators are required to “clearly state all terms and conditions connected to a bonus offer directly alongside the offer” as per section 20(1)(1) of the Executive Order on Online Casino, as well as section 19(1)(1) of the Executive Order on Betting.

The new warning comes just about a year after many Danish politicians put pressure on the government to introduce new and stricter limits on gambling promotions. The Social Democrat Party even plans to impose a new cap on the value of such gambling offers, which will stand at DKK1k or $151. This is about 10 percent of what several operators had been pitching to their potential customers.