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Why Use Cloud Hosting? Things You Must K...

Why Use Cloud Hosting? Things You Must Know

Published on February 24, 2020

If you want to have a website for your business, you need to start with three things: domain name, content management system, and website hosting. This blog will focus on a particular website hosting service, known as “cloud-based hosting.” Many business owners choose this web hosting type due to its features and benefits. 

Cloud Hosting Explained

Cloud hosting is technically running websites through a number of interconnected web servers. As opposed to conventional web hosting types (shared and dedicated), the data in a cloud web hosting service are managed and processed in various servers.

A cloud server is not a physical server, rather it is known as a virtual server as it is run through a cloud computing infrastructure. With the use of an Internet connection, hosting a website through the cloud is delivered. And the hosted website can be accessed remotely anywhere in the world. Cloud servers are beneficial because they have software tools that work independently as units. 

Instead of using only a single server, the providers have built a complex computing infrastructure to work efficiently for the seamless data distribution across a number of computing servers. There are service providers that are leasing their virtual servers for third-party partners to use. Those providing the application service are called the cloud hosting service providers. Cloud-based website hosting services may include shared and data hosting. They also permit the use of application tools and software.

It can be advantageous to use distributed resources working as one complex system. This system is sometimes known as the “federated storage clouds.” In terms of defects and issues, they are tolerable with the application of cloud computing servers. Hence, using the cloud computing infrastructure can reduce having multiple versions of data files. Why is it so? The use of files, data, and documents allows a shared access to the different users.

Exploring the Benefits of Cloud Website Hosting

Let’s now dissect some of the features and benefits when you use a cloud hosting service. 

  1. You have to pay the cloud hosted space that you want to use. Then, if you want to have some upgrade with your cloud computing storage space, there is nothing to worry because you can do it anytime. As you have to pay only for what you are going to utilize, the cloud hosting services are flexible. This flexibility reflects on the utilization of a complete server configuration that is managed through a web-based or API interface. Another plus factor is you can choose the operating system that you want to use, i.e. Windows or Linux. 
  2. If you think that there is a heavy cost with the use of a cloud-based website hosting, you might think it again and you have to research more relevant details because this hosting service is more cost-efficient compared to the traditional types. With the use of a cloud computing system, you don’t need to comply with some extensive requirements.
  3. You don’t have to worry those software issues and problems. Why? They are separated from your computing environment because a cloud server is stable and secure. It can be beneficial to any business organization. To explain it further, your chosen cloud server can’t be affected by the other cloud servers that are having issues. And this system works vice versa. The users of the conventional physical servers, once the servers are congested, can be affected. But in this cloud type of hosting a website, your website can still function normally even if the other cloud-interconnected servers are having a problem. 
  4. The cloud computing technologies have a faster service for every penny that you’re going to pay. It’s really worth it. There are available extensive resources that provide more effective and efficient services to all customers. A website that is hosted by a cloud hosting service provider has a faster performance.
  5. In terms of performance, there is scalability factor with the application of a cloud computing technology. As mentioned above, it is easy to upgrade anytime. The process is really quick and easy. You can add disk space for an affordable rate anytime.

In a Nutshell…

The 5 benefits given above are just a tip of the iceberg. Meaning, there are more benefits with the use of clouding hosting services. Generally, hosting an IT and website infrastructure through the cloud can deliver scalable, efficient, and seamless website performance. This is a revolutionized state-of-the-art hosting service.

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