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How To Avoid Cyber Security Threats

How To Avoid Cyber Security Threats

cyber security

In the UK alone, there is a survey conducted among SMEs that shows that 51% do not believe that they are susceptible to suffering from cyber-attacks. The result of the survey is alarming because cybercrimes can devastate businesses of any size and form. 

Because of the prevailing cyber security threats today, every business owner should see to it that their computer network and system is well protected. A strong shield is needed so that the issues on cyber security can be avoided.

How Can Cyber Security Threats Happen?

It is important to keep in mind that there are attacks by cybercriminals that are subtle to distinguish or intentionally hidden. They are truly difficult to determine. They are usually done through a system known as hijacking or malicious traffic. Then the susceptibility to cybercrimes is also possible with phishing emails and attacks on mobile devices. 

Furthermore, there are other blunt processes that can affect a business computer network. Such processes might include DDoD (Distributed Denial Service). In this system, the hackers might send you unsolicited traffic that is so massive for the purpose of destroying your computer system. DDoS was the main factor of the data breach incidents that affected Twitter, Spotify and Reddit in 2016).

Dreadful Consequences of Cybercrimes

Way back in 2017, there was a report by CSO predicting that the cost will rise up to $6 Trillion annually starting in the year 2021. This is so alarming if not taken into consideration. You have to understand that security breaches can’t actually cause monetary losses, but can trigger to an irreversible loss of business integrity and reputation.

Therefore, there must be precautionary measures and actionable plans in order to prevent cyber-attacks. The questions now is: How?

  • Precautionary measures work

In handling sensitive data and information, you should have precautionary measures. These measures are designed to manage sensitive data in a tightly secure way. Be reminded that once those sensitive information got leaked, they can cause irreversible trouble to your business. In this case, prevention is better than cure.

  • Update antivirus software and firewall

Always update the antivirus and firewall system of your computer network. Usually, antivirus software automatically diagnoses virus-related problems and deletes them right away. A firewall also functions to shield your computer and mobile devices network. They both work to block viruses from coming in and destroying your IT infrastructure.

  • Use VPN to hide from hackers

A virtual private network or VPN is able to privatize your computer network in all networks that are public. Any SME needs this tool to avoid cyber-attacks. It further works to provide a strong shield to all mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. In other words, it can make the network more secure even if you use a public Wi-Fi system.

  • Enable a two-factor authentication

A two-factor authentication can work to protect your business from possible impacts of cybercrimes. That’s why the workers of any company must apply this two-factor authentication process. It basically works when accessing a business account, wherein the user should have to verify his identity to the system. If he is not a legit user then he will be blocked from using the system. 

  • Audit regularly the system

It is effective if you’re always monitoring your business system, most especially the computer network. Otherwise, your cybersecurity is compromised. By doing a regular audit, you can minimize all possible risks because you will be able to determine the loopholes and weaknesses.

  • Trust a cybersecurity insurance provider

There are providers of a cybersecurity insurance in the world. If you will get one, the cyber-related liabilities will be covered. So, your business will then become more secure and protected. Remember that cybersecurity incidents can cause you millions of dollars if not handled properly. By getting an insurance provider, they will handle the fees when time comes that any unwanted circumstance happens. The insurance policy will have to cover the costs of data breaches.

  • Be knowledgeable about the possible risks

You can’t address cyber security issues if you are not knowledgeable about the risks associated with them. If you know the risks, you can have effective measures and you can apply them effectively. So after every audit, you should be able to craft procedures that can be used to defend your business integrity and reputation in a sustainable manner.

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