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Reasons Why You Must Avoid Free Web Hosting

Reasons Why You Must Avoid Free Web Hosting

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There is no even a single business without investment. All businesses on this planet, whether online or offline, need investment. Monetary in form, yes it is. That’s why with regards to website creation, you have to avoid availing of a website with free hosting. An example of this is you create a website by yourself with a domain name, yourbusiness.freehosting.com. Thinking that doing this would help you as you can perhaps save money is not a guarantee that your business will become profitable. There are a lot of disadvantages to having free website hosting.

The role of the game is you need to pay for a web hosting service provider to host your website. It has a lot of perks, benefits, and advantages. Having a business website run by a paid web host does not cost you a lot of money. Today, the competition is too high; hence, so many low-cost web hosting plans are offered. Yes, their cost is low but the quality and performance of the web host are never compromised.

Disadvantages of a Free Web Hosting Option

In the blogging world, there are bloggers who would prefer starting with a free website hosting. Why? Most bloggers start from scratch and they aim to gain money after a long period of time. However, if you consider doing this, think of the disadvantages cited below.

1.       Storage and Bandwidth are limited.

A free web host would just offer you a limited number in terms of storage and bandwidth space. With this, most of the time your web pages are affected. If you had some instances in the past when you clicked on a certain page and you found a “404 error”, this is one of the causes – free hosting. A website got stuck and can’t crawl properly due to technical shortcomings and difficulties. This is absolutely not good for business.

If you’re planning to have a website for your business, find a low-cost yet quality hosting provider. Free hosting sites also have plan packages. You can ask them through an online inquiry. In promoting your content, limited storage space is not advisable. It is necessary for you to have a wider space so that fresh content is published daily. This is so important most especially for startups. You have to publish texts-based, image-rich, and video-driven content for your audience to benefit from. And this is only possible with a paid hosting plan.

2.      Actually, you’re not the owner of your site.

With free hosting, you’re technically not the owner of your website. Think about this domain name: mybusiness.blogspot.com. If you have this domain name, it is not you who own this. Blogspot is a blog-publishing service that is owned by Google. Basically, it is Google owning that website name, not you. It is not really good to have a domain name like this. In terms of ranking, SEO specialists may find it hard to rank a domain such as this one.

3.       It is more prone for your business to suffer from digital threats.

Malware and virus. These two are the most common enemies that may affect your business adversely. This article explains that this is one of the dreaded effects of having a “free web hosting”. According to the source, the companies behind free hosting might put malware into your business website. It has to be avoided. Why? Malware and virus can affect your business website performance and overall credibility. Aside from that, since the offer is free, it means to say that a particular provider does not have the resources to help you get rid of the possible damage to be caused by hackers.

Additionally, with free hosting, the server of the provider himself is not guaranteed to be safe and secure. Meaning, if the provider’s server is not secure, the potential it is going to be hacked is really high. And your business is prone to be hacked as well and it will cause a total detriment to your business.

4.      There is no such thing as a “long-term service.”

Unless paid, a free web host might terminate your subscription anytime. You don’t know when, of course. You have a website because you want to have a long-term impact. Because there is no bond of service, your website may stop running anytime. That’s why it is highly recommended to pay for an affordable web hosting subscription plan. If you want to ask for more details about website hosting, NetShop ISP can help you. This is a web host that is operating in Cyprus, Malta, and the United Kingdom.

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