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Japan task force seeks to map casino rul...

Japan task force seeks to map casino rules

Published on April 05, 2017

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe officially kicked off the inaugural meeting of the government task force. It will make recommendations on licensing and operating integrated resorts (IR) with casinos in the country. The new regulatory body is a result of multiple promises from Japanese officials to address public concerns about the social ills associated with gambling.

“We need to introduce casino regulations of the highest global standards, and take every measure to address various concerns such as addiction, money laundering and what effects it might have on young people,” said Abe. “I want to create fabulous, Japan-style integrated resorts that have clean casinos.”

The task force is set to bring together lawyers, accountants, economists and political analysts in order to discuss all issues regarding licensing and operating, as well as financial and tax problems. It will be headed by Shinzo Abe and chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga.

The expert panel will work on how to keep illegal activity out of gambling facilities and create measures to prevent money laundering. It is already known that the new body is considering some measures to prevent problem gambling, such as including an entrance fee for residents who access the casino floor and a system that requires public officials to report visits to the casino exceeding a set monthly limit. There might also be a system introduced, where problem gamblers or immediate family members could voluntarily add themselves to casino exclusion lists.

Restrictions placed on advertising will also be discussed among the officials.

The committee plans to submit recommendations by the end of the summer.