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Is Free Web Hosting Safe?

Is Free Web Hosting Safe?

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Maybe, you’ve already heard about free hosting for websites. This is not a new idea. The question now lies on the safety of using such kind of hosting. There are a lot of explanations to be found on the web. Hopefully, this blog can help you understand the relevant details as to the safety and performance of using a free web host. 

We might think that getting a free web hosting can be as great as using one with a premium subscription. But definitely, there are certain limitations when you use the free version, like you use a free WordPress hosting. Clearly speaking, it is more beneficial when you opt to use a paid website hosting because of the extended features and benefits of the service. Don’t worry because if you’re a website newbie, you can start with a free website hosting and you can just upgrade it later. 

Let’s Define Web Hosting First!

To make the context clearer, it is important that you understand the definitive aspect of website hosting. Actually, it is a service provided by a third-party for the two vital aspects of every website: storage space and access. In other words, without a web host, your website does not have storage space and access. Therefore, it is an essential component in website development because with it, a particular website becomes live and accessible online. 

The concern on the safety of a website is of great importance. That is why if you want to have a website that is run by a free host, you should determine its extent in terms of service security, safety, and overall performance. Otherwise, there can be issues to arise. 

Is Free Hosting Really Safe?

Let me provide the answer to this question by tackling 2 relevant aspects.

  1. Security Is an Important Matter

When we say “free”, a lot of people are attracted to it. Why? By nature, we want to avail anything that is free. On the aspect of website hosting, web security is one of the significant aspects that should be given an utmost attention. 

When you’re using a free web host, there is a need to have increased measures to ensure that your website runs smoothly. But don’t worry because free web hosting service providers are making sure that the data of their users are strongly protected. Like the paid web hosts, a free a version can shield against potential risks. The service providers are running a system that safely guard malicious attacks. At the same time, they are able to detect any unusual activities that can affect your website. 

  1. Uptime Is another Concern

Uptime is very important when it comes to website operation. The free users of any web host can possibly have uptime restriction issues. It is an inevitable fact that the service providers are giving more uptimes to those who are paying than the free users. Further to say, there are limitations being set to those unpaying customers.

But despite this disadvantage, there are still website owners preferring the free version of a website hosting. As technological evolution has been unstoppable, the open source website platforms are providing safety nets for the satisfaction and convenience of the free web host users. Even without paying the upfront fees, the experience of those free users is still considered as good.

However, when it comes to having a wider space for data storage, a free user is limited. It is therefore important that a website user must upgrade from free version to a paid subscription.

When to Use a Free Website Hosting?

If you’re just beginning to have a blog, a free version can be a good start. Using a free web host is suitable for the beginners. There are a lot of free web hosts on the Internet. Just spend a little time for research and for sure, you can find a hosting provider that can suit your needs. You can look for a free web hosting service provider that is offering features similar to the standard features of a paid website host. With free hosting, you can still enjoy the CPanel, email, and MySQL.

To also ensure that your business website can have a great performance, consider several factors when choosing a reliable web host. For more relevant information, you can contact NetShop ISP today. This company operates in Cyprus, Malta, and the United Kingdom.

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